Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Daddy Moment

So I realized that I haven't shared Josh's first "I know I'm a daddy" moment with you all!! The day we came home from the hospital I had this crazy long list of necesseties to get from the drug store. Being the wonderful person Joshua is he took off in the car, with Allie our dog, and headed for the CVS down the road. Luckily they have a drive thru, so Allie wouldn't have to be left alone in the car. He didn't return home for over an hour. Unfortunately, I was so wrapped up in nursing and getting comfortable....I honestly didn't notice he had been gone for so long. How horrible of me!!!!

When he returned he came up to the bedroom looking completely "guilty". Those infamous words..."you'll never guess what I just did" left his mouth. The thoughts skipping thru my mind ranged from wrecking the car, to leaving without getting my prescription filled. I was so not expecting to hear "I fell asleep in the parking lot"!! Poor thing had pulled up, given them that sheet of paper with all my essentials, pulled over, parked, and completely passed out.

Can you imagine what the ladies at the drive in were thinking!! Here's this crazy guy with a cockerspaniel in the car with a list of hemorrhoid creams, motrin, loratabs, lint brush...the list gets more and more ecclectic. To top it off the bum pulls over and falls asleep in their parking lot. I informed him he's lucky they didn't call the police to haul off the crazy!!!

Needless to say we got a great laugh out of his moment, and he quickly gave me permission to blog about it!! And of course how could I not...HILLARIOUS!! I should also mention that Little Lena christened him at the doctors by peeing on his outfit mom and dad got him for Easter!! Yup...he's definitely a daddy now!!!


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