Monday, April 12, 2010

Nobody Tells You.....

A list of things that were never considered during my pregnancy......

Nobody tells you.....

1. That you just might HATE being pregnant. Maybe not all the time, but there will be moments when you look in the mirror and say...Who is that?

2. That the post birth is worse than the actual birth. I'm talking days of pain, and helplessness, all while trying to take care of a life that is completely dependent on you!

3. There will be days when all you can do is cry. So just cry, you're going to feel a LOT better!

4. That even though this tiny life lived inside of you for an entire nine months, they still feel like somewheat of a stranger when you first "meet"!

5. It's a treat when you can actually bathe, and dry your hair...and a miracle to actually curl your hair, and fix your makeup!!

6. More annoying then the hormonal crying, is the hormonal annoyances. You thought this would all be over and done with after you gave birth, but your husband and others will still get on your last nerves at times for no good reason!!

7. That you will suddenly become paranoid...of EVERYTHING! You suddenly notice every single danger around every corner, and will even lose sleep over it.

8. Even though there is that thing called a "mommy instict" and women have been doing this for millions of years, you will still have absolutely no idea what your doing, no matter how many times you have babysat in your life!

9. Breastfeeding can HURT. It's not supposed to, but when first learning, trust me, you will make a few mistakes. Not to mention the insane cramping from the contractions it can cause in your uterus!! (don't worry this has its amazing weightloss, and some nice..bigger..well you know!!!)

10. In your last trimester you will reach a stage of "miserable". You pray for the day that you can actually get comfortable to sleep again. What you fail to realize is that now you can get comfortable, you are not getting any sleep!!

11. And nobody can explain to you the joy of being a parent. There is absolutely no love like it in the entire world!!


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