Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chapter Two

So, as mentioned, there is a bit more to my labor story. You know how awesome my labor and the delivery went. I honestly couldn't have been blessed with better caregivers, or a more amazing experience. Not even I could have dreamt something this perfect up. The after part, however was a bit more grim.

During the final push, it was noticed that Ms. Lena was actually laying sideways. Because of this I suffered from a 3rd degree tear. The worse you can have is a 4th lets just say it wasn't pretty. I was on the table for quite some time being "worked" on. Dr. Booth was really upset about it, she truly thought that this was just going to be perfect and go smoothly, but hey something had to give!! As long as Lena was healthy and amazing, which she is, I could suffer a little.

While laying there I noticed myself getting extremely dizzy. You see, at CMC they don't do the whole "daddy walks the baby out to meet everyone" thing. As soon as baby is born they are immediately wiped dry and placed on the mom for atleast an hour of skin to skin time. This really amazed me, and in my own selfishness, made me happy. I hated the thought of doing all the work and having to be the last one to really get to see and know her...not fair!!

Anyways, like I said, while laying there with my perfect angel I noticed myself getting dizzy, hearing going muzzled, the usual signs for someone about to pass out. I told the nurses and they immediately started watching me closely. I was aloud to drink and eat jello..etc during my entire labor. In between pushes I made sure to catch a sip of water. You don't know how relieving that was to me. I couldn't imagine being there for the 13 hours or so I was with NOTHING to drink. Talk about a bad mood. So I tried to get myself a little hydration, just to see if that would help.

From this point on, I don't remember much. The nurses helped me get started on breast feeding Lena, but I remember having to close my eyes from getting sick with the room spinning. Luckily, this amazing little one was a natural and just latched right on as soon as she saw it coming! Josh commented one time on how pale I looked and after my BP was taken again the doctor was immediately called back in. They set me up on another IV and began pumping tons of fluids in me. My mom later told me that Dr. Booth was literally squeezing the bag to make it pump faster. Blood was drawn, and tests began. My white blood cell count was high and they believe that sometime after my water was broken I contracted an infection in my uterus from something. Before I even began pushing I was running a very slight fever (99.9) but after taking tylenol it immediately went back down, so no one thought anything of it.

I finally stabilized and was able to be pucked up and put into my wheel chair and taken to my room. We opted to let Lena stay in the nursery that night so I could sleep...I had been through a lot and was in no real position to attempt to take care of a baby. And with Josh being up since 5:30 I doubt he would have been too much help, since it was now already 4:30 in the day!!

Later that morning tests were ran on Lena and we found out we would be there until Thursday morning, just to monitor us both and make sure there was no infection and we were good. The next couple of days were rough. The first day I couldn't get up without the help of someone. Everytime I stood I got extremely dizzy and sick. It's weird, no one ever really talks about the "after" with labor. It's not so much a soreness that I was experiencing so much as a heaviness. My bottom literally felt as though it was just going to fall out.

Slowly but surely I got better...swelling went down, color back in my face, crazy hot flashes gone. On Thursday, however my heart rate was still extremely high and they wanted to do another round of blood work to be safe before letting me go home. I should mention all of Lena's tests came back perfect. My blood work was fine, but they are now thinking I have a anemia and may have lost more blood than originally thought...causing the dizziness and heart rate spikes. So I am on iron pills to help that...if it is the case.

All in all my labor experience was truly amazing. A few glitches here and there, but nothing I can't deal with and push through. Trust me, when they say it's all worth it in the end, they know exactly what they are talking about!! We visit the pediatrician Monday afternoon for Lena's first checkup! Keep her in your prayers that everything is still looking phenomenal!! Happy Blogging!!


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