Monday, February 14, 2011

13 weeks!

My last week of the first Trimester!! Can we say...YAY!!

Total weight gain/loss: No idea!! My jeans all fit weird! They are way too loose in the butt/thigh area...and sometimes the waist! I have been wearing a beband every now and again just for simple comfort! My jeans hit me right in the Uterus area right now, which is sooooo uncomfortable!!

Maternity clothes? Nopers!! crazy, since I was in them this time with Lena!

Stretch marks? Just the ones I already have!

Sleep: The last two weeks I have gotten a full nights and then some (when you count a daily nap)! Thank you parentals!!

Best moment this week: Going to the mountains with my family! It's very rare that we all get to be together for more than a dinner!

Movement: Nopers!! Sometimes gas feels like a baby kick, but if the child is that big already, I am in for a HARD delivery!

Food cravings: I've been really wanting some steak and/or shrimp! I'm thinking we will have a shrimp scampi pasta tonight for VDay!!!

Gender: It's a mystery.

Labor Signs: Nope!

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? Both on! I'll be curious to see if I can wear them throughout the pregnancy again. Esp since it will soon be 80 and humid out

What I miss: My energy!! Lena is at that age where she is really going and playing!! I feel horrible because I just can't last that long before I'm winded and need to lay down!

What I am looking forward to: Hmm lots of stuff right now! We find out the gender next month, which seems like forever away!

Weekly Wisdom: Ask for help if you need it!!

Milestones: Getting some much needed rest was a HUGE milestone for this tired momma!!


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