Monday, February 28, 2011

My 11 Month old....

I can NOT believe that in just a month Lena will be a year old!! Where in the world did the past year go (year and a half for that matter)!!?? This little person has began her road to independence....walking! The only problem is that she only seems to want to walk when she has something in both hands! She will NOT do it on command, so don't even waste your breath! We have also developed an extensive vocabulary including....mama, baba, bye bye (along with waving), hi, and hidy, foster (my parents dog, and now every other dog she sees), der she is (reserved for some peek-a-boo games), nawnaw- which I am convinced is meant to be no no, uh-huh (aka yes), and a few jibber jabbers we have yet to fully translate!!

She has also mastered the art of fit throwing! This now includes biting, screaming, clinching, a red face, and the occasional throwing herself on the floor! Whenever she gets mad at something, be it a toy, mommy, the floor, she clinches her fists and then bites! It's extremely frustratings, and I am having a hard time trying to figure out a good discipline for this...remember she's still really little, sooo...!!!! To say the least, Ms. Belle is becoming a little hand full!!

We have also really began to play! She is soo sweet when she plays with her babies. She will hug on them, say AWWWW, pat their backs, etc. I have also noticed her playing with her little tikes doll house...she's began to take stuff out, put it back in, and mubble as if to make the dolls talk! We also ADORE our rocking horses, and anything we can push around and walk with, but the cell phone is still her toy of choice!!

My little Lena is growing up, too fast!!


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