Monday, February 7, 2011

12 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: My mom has been with me the last two weeks, forcing me to eat!! She's convinced I've lost weight since she last saw me at Christmas!! Maybe I'll be one of those crazy women that lose weight with this pregnancy!! Hmmm "food" for though

Maternity clothes? Negativo!! By this time with Lena, I had to move in to my maternity jeans and shirts. Not because I looked pregnant, but because my "ladies" had doubled in size, making shirts ridiculously tight, and my hips had shot out!! This time, however, I am still in my shirts and jeans (the ladies never went back to normal)!! I have started to use a Beband for simple comfort. I can not stand to have anything too tight against my stomach!!

Stretch marks? Just the ones I already have!

Sleep: Getting better, but I will attribute that to visiting my parents and having a bed all to myself, and they have taken the responsibility of getting up with Lena at night!! Thank you!!

Best moment this week: Spending time with Gammie and Pappy...and getting some much needed rest in!!

Movement: Nopers!! Sometimes gas feels like a baby kick, but if the child is that big already, I am in for a HARD delivery!

Food cravings: Not really, but I am getting an appetite again! Well, on and off!!

Gender: It's a mystery.

Labor Signs: Nope!

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? Both on! I'll be curious to see if I can wear them throughout the pregnancy again. Esp since it will soon be 80 and humid out

What I miss: Althought it isn't pregnancy related, I am really missing my hubby this week!!

What I am looking forward to: Our family weekend in the mountains!!

Weekly Wisdom: Take advantage of all the lazy time you can get in!!

Milestones: I would say going an entire 24 hours without hugging the toilet is a HUGE milestone!! :0)


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