Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I've been busy!!

Life at the McCombs' residence has, for the most part, been uneventful and just plain normal. We have, however, been goingng over a few roadbumps...such as Lena's teething has currently caused her to refuse to anything else she can get a hold of goes right to the mouth! The child even chewed up a blanket one night, causing a horrible scene of gagging and vomit, sending this momma into worry mode BIG TIME!!

Besides the normal day to day worries and excitement of an infant, I have also been planning Lena's first birthday party! I used to think that parents went waaay over the top with this one, simply because the child doesn't care, and won't remember! But I totally get it! Since we don't live at home, but wanted to celebrate with all of our friends and family I am having to rent a place out...which means decorations, themes, food..etc! We are just inviting our closest family and friends, and even then the guest list is right at about 80, including 15 plus children! WHEW! This is gonna add up! But we know we won't be doing this every year, and really want to make this special!

In a way a first birthday is not just celebrating her first year of life, but our first year with her! Having a baby forever changes you, and you should celebrate the fact that you have survived, and hopefully find yourself a better person because of this tiny life!!

With that said...the theme will be a Day at the Carnival with Elmo and Lena (ok so the theme name stinks, we are working on that, but you get the picture) We are having hotdogs, chips, hopefully popcorn and cotton candy, and cupcakes! The plan is to have games for the kids and prizes...including their own Dorothy the goldfish! I am ridiculously excited, and slightly overwhelmed! This is the first event I have really planned, and while I know my martha stewart mom will be there the entire way, I can feel the pressure to make this memory unforgettable!

So stay tuned, the party isn't until April, but chances are I will have a lot of brainstorming to do!! :0)


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