Tuesday, July 12, 2011

34 Weeks!

Total weight gain/loss: Not sure! I am supposed to have an appointment this week, but rescheduled it for next Monday so Josh can help with Lena!! She's really impossible during those visits! LoL

Maternity clothes? Yes!!!

Stretch marks? Just the few!!

Sleep: Not enough! Sleep literally hurts! I just can not get comfortable....I'm tossing, turning, getting on our couch in the bedroom to prop up...nothing works!

Best moment this week: Getting some much needed cleaning and organizing done!! I also got mine and Parker's hospital bag packed!! The boy has more outfits than Lena did...I swear! My mother and I have a serious shopping problem when it comes to these babies!! LoL

Movement: Yes, sometimes they hurt!! Its reassuring to know he's so strong though! :0)

Food cravings: No...I'm hungry a lot, but just don't have enough room to eat like I would like to!

Gender: Baby Boy! Parker Scott..

Labor Signs: Still BH...pressure...tons of nesting...little bit of sickness!! All part of the game

Belly Button in or out? when I lay down, out when I stand up!

Wedding rings on or off? Still off, I haven't even attempted to put them on

What I miss: Letting Lena Belle sleep on my chest! She still wants, and tries to, but it's not comfy for any of us!! :0(

What I am looking forward to: Meeting my little man! I daydream constantly about what he will be like. Will he have his sister's head full of hair, and non stop independent personality, or will he be my little snuggle bunny!!!

Weekly Wisdom: Getting ready is soo overrated! LoL Lena nad I have spent the last days in our PJs...(don't worry we showered, just may have forgotten to fix our hair!!)

Milestones: Bags packed and ready to go!


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