Monday, July 25, 2011

This is it....!!!

Don't worry! No I am not currently sitting in labor and delivery awaiting the arrival of our precious Parker! But I have reached that pinnacle part of pregnancy where every ache and pain makes you want to haul hiney to triage!! My poor family! I have more aches and pains to whine about than any human being should be allowed...

I'll be honest! I really did believe that labor was starting the night before last. I had ran to the grocery to get a few things, after taking a bit of a nap. Before I left I told Josh I was a bit crampy, and thought maybe if I got up and out I'd feel a bit better. Thus an impromtu grocery run...(ps I LOVE LOVE LOVE grocery shopping, so does Joshua) Anywho, back to the real story!! While walking around I noticed my back and stomach really starting to ache. It was seriously becoming so bad that walking like a normal human being was a challenge.

After walking around the store to get the few items I came for (plus a cart full of stuff we didn't need, but looked good haha) I headed home. Josh had made some AMAZING sausage and krauts! I know to most of you that sounds gross, but it was delicious and I must say it put Schmidts to shame! Unfortunately thought it took a while for my too eat. My stomach continued this cramping nonsense...all through that night.

Nothing ever came of it (obviously) and I remember a couple of times thinking to myself "I should really get up, shower, and shave"!! hahaha I even called my mom and talked to her about it.

Ever since that night I have had a crazy persistent back ache, and some intense contractions. Again, no pattern, nothing getting worse, and no other sign of impending labor, but every time I feel my tummy tighten...I think "this is it!! Here we go...HOLY CRAP!"

I am sure it will happen the one day my house isn't picked up, Lena and I are pajama lounging, and Josh is stuck in meetings unable to get to his phone!! Don't worry, I'll let you know when it does happen!! :0)


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