Thursday, July 21, 2011

There's this thing...

Called nesting!! And boy oh boy is mama bear nesting!! I absolutely do not remember this phase at all when I was pregnant with Lena! All I ever wanted to do was lay around and nap!! I feel like I slept through that entire pregnancy!! I can seriously remember just being miserable in my last month, feeling soo ridiculously huge and disgusting, and just wanting to curl up with a box of donuts and cry!! LoL

This time around, all I can think about is cleaning!! I seriously clean...ALL THE FLIPPING TIME!!! It drives me nutso' when I vacuum, and can't see the lines in the carpet...which has resulted in vacuuming more than once a day! I'm pretty sure I've cleaned the fridge 3 times now, though I'm sure you can't tell it, organized both the kiddo's closets, scrub the bathrooms....DAILY, sweep, name it, Ima doing it!! It's ridiculous, but I can't stop! Even when I hit a wall and just need to lay down for a nap, all I can think about are the dog gone lines that have vanished from my carpet! I've even made a "cleaning to do" list for my MIL who will be staying here while I am in the hospital to help Josh out!! I'm terrified that all this nesting will go to waste when I'm not here!! Yes folks...I have officially checked in to looney town!!

On the upside, my house is clean...including all of our laundry! Did I mention I have done laundry constantly as well!! I think a lot of this has been due in part to the knowing that I have Lena now, so I know that when I come home I will have a small amount of "free time" if any!!

I might be driving my husband insane as well!! He actually looked at me the other night while I was trying to relax in a bubble bath, and asked me why I had been so hormonal lately!! LoL I laughed, looked down at the ginormous island of a belly sticking out of the water, and replied " can't figure it out for yourself"!!!

Yeah, so I've just been nesting away! And when I'm not nesting, or attending to the daily things one needs to do to stay alive (ie eat and sleep) I'm consumed with lists! The to do list, grocery list, to buy list, Christmas list (no, I'm not joking)

So maybe all this craziness means that Parker will be here soon, and I can start to get a small bit of my normal mind back!! Or as close to normal as one can be with two kids under the age of two!! We shall see!!


The Alexander Family of 4!

I "nested" more so in my classroom than I did with my house when I was pregnant with Gavin (we lived in that old house and it would have been a wasted amount of energy trying to scrub that bad boy down)! Now with Nolan, we had just moved in our for about a year and I cleaned everything! After the ice storm (a month before Nolan was due) I cleaned ALL of our cabinets. I climbed ontop of the counters and scrubbed away. Now, that probably wasn't the smart thing to do, but it HAD to be done! I have been on a cleaning rampage lately (I definitely know there shouldn't be a baby on the way for me)! LOL Love ya'll to pieces and miss ya bunches. We will see ya in the next few months!

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