Monday, May 2, 2011

Bit of this and that....

So this will prove, again, to be a long random blog! Life's ben busy, well actually Lena has been busy, so I tend to just be along for that ride! This week alone I have an important Dr. visit (prayers are welcome) I start a new class (details to come...), and due to a nagging rash on my baby girl it looks like she too will be making a trip to the Dr. **sigh**

We've also been hard at work on our home sweet home! I've discovered that it takes some time to get to know a space before you truly know what you want out of it. For example: In the year and a half we've been here I have changed our bedroom comforter 3 times! Insane, I know, but I just couldn't get the room to vibe like I wanted! Alas, I think I've found the perfect match for us! I also finally framed our diplomas, and several other pictures that have occupied the top of my dresser for about a year! ( I refused to put holes in the wall..again..until I found the right bedding and layout for the room) Our bathroom project of striping is also finally done! That wasn't a headache at all!! ;0) Now we are on to Parker's room!

Here, I have decided, after changing my mind (see a pattern) to do his nursery in antique baseball memorabilia!! I came across a bunch of stuff Joshua had in a trunk, and couldn't resist the urge to use it! I've already bought a ton of stuff from hobby Lobby, and am sooo excited to see how it all comes together! We are even painting and antiqueing Lena's nursery furniture for him!

We then plan to finish the loft into the kids play area, it will also be where we put Lena's toddler bed! We already have her room done, but it has a full, and I don't think she will be ready for that for a while!!

So you see...Busy busy busy!! But fun to see it all finally coming together as well!!


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