Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Praying for Keegan

It's not very often that a story/person comes along and touches your heart in such a way, that you know they will forever be a part of your life, wether in thought and prayer, or a weekly lunch. I've had the amazing experience of "getting to know" Beth and Mr. Keegan through blogging. I can't remember how I cam across her blog, or if she first read mine, but I can very vividly remember sitting by myself, pregnant, reading their story with tears streaming down my face. I can also remember the blessing felt when there was good news to report on their homefront.

Beth was even so kind to send me a sweet book for Lena a few months back! I have it put away, for fear she will eat and destroy it, in hopes that one day we can sit down together and read this book and I can tell her this amazing story of how it came to be hers.

I'm simply writing this blog to ask you all for prayers for this amazing family. Keegan was diagnosed with cancer a year ago, and after a long battle was doing AMAZING!! This week news hit that he had gone in for his one year MRI and a growth had shown up. I don't have the full details, and won't even attempt to write it all down. I urge you to all visit Beth's blog and learn more about their story:

Karing for Keegan

And to pray for this sweet little boy who has been more of a blessing in my life than he will ever know!


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