Monday, March 7, 2011

16 weeks!

Total weight gain/loss: No idea!! Again, I don't believe in scales in the home! I feel that if you love yourself and are comfortable in your skin, then the numbers don't matter! (of course I also believe in being healthy!)

Maternity clothes? We have arrived!! I can get into my prepreggo clothing, but I just look like an oversized stuffed sausage, and no one wants to see that!

Stretch marks? No new ones! Yet!

Sleep: Depends. There's the growing achy pains, an 11 month old waking up, a dog who insists on sleeping ON me, and a hubs that can't stay on his side of the bed!! hmm

Best moment this week: Ms. Belle is walking!! YAY, but on a pregnancy note, I am def. feeling the little bean moving around!

Movement: Starting to pick up!

Food cravings: Grill cheese and PBandJ!!

Gender: We will know soon!! I wish I was one of those people whoe could wait for the surprise, but I would just be unbearable after having the baby and trying to get everything together! LoL, I would never put my poor hubby through that! I like being in control waay too much!

Labor Signs: No, thank the good Lord!

Belly Button in or out? In, but it feels weird

Wedding rings on or off? Both on!

What I miss: Letting Lena sleep on me! With the growing belly, and the pressure of her it's just not possible anymore!

What I am looking forward to: Seeing our families next month! I am debating if I am going to wait to tell them gender when we see them! haha, my mother might throw a fit though!! :0)

Weekly Wisdom: Just do it! The longer you sit and be lazy, and put something off...the harder it becomes to just get up and do it!

Milestones: I ordered some new preggo clothes...hopefully they will be here today or tomorrow!!


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