Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Has it been a year??

Lena's very first picture! Cute from the get go!

Taken right after birth!

More hospital pics!! Diva from the start!! ;0)

First Doctor's visit!!

First Mother's Day!!!

First trip home to Bowling Green!

First fourth of July!! Isn't she a stinker!!

First time swimming!!

First Father's Day

First the Smokies with Gammie and Pappy!!

One amazing first summer!!!

First fall/ Halloween!!!

First Christmas...and the announcement of baby bro to be!!! Not to mention her first word...MAMA!!

With her first spring brought..Her first Valentines...and the beginning of walking!!

Which leads us to the present!! A little girl who is now One Year Old! Can you believe it!?? Me either!! At one year Ms. Lena can walk, attempt a run, sing, dance, talks all the time (we don't always understand it) is a complete Mommy's girl, but I am sure that will change, loves tv and getting into the cabinets, can play for hours on end, is obsessed with all things Elmo, enjoys and egg for breakfast and the occasional yogurt, sleeps in her crib all night, could take baths constantly, is trying really hard to drink out of regular glasses, loves talking on the anyone, and is her Mommy and Daddy's sunshine!

We love you Lena Belle!! You have made our lives more beautiful just by being in it! Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!



That is super cute. Time sure does fly. Happy 1st Birthday our Little Lena Belle. Gammie and Pappy Love you very much...

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