Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Busy Bees...

So the next few weeks are going to prove to be chaotic, and fabulous. Tomorrow evening we have Josh's grandparents and mom coming out to visit us. This is a blessing. You see his poppy is coming out to help Josh lay our new hardwood flooring we just bought, and I know that with his MoM and Nana both here I will have a bit of time to get a few things done around the house, and possibly a better tan!! :0) Next weekend is the fourth of July, and my husband did have me all excited about a trip to Hilton Head (something for work) but he couldn't get a hold of the guy about the trip and his spot was filled. Total bummer, but we will survive, who needs a luxury hotel with an amazing ocean view and room service anyways!?!?! For the fourth a "neighbor", I put it in quotes because she lives waay waay up the street and around the corner, is having a big to do. This shoudl prove to be a blast, hopefully my little fussy britches will hold out long enough for daddy and I to have a bit of adult interaction.

Then the following weekend my friend Emily and her little boy Jackson are coming out for a visit. The plan is to have some pool time, take in some retail, and just relax! The next weekend Josh's dad and stepmom are planning to swing in for a visit- whew!! Talk about a mad house!! I Love having people over, hate the work and preparedness that comes along with it (ie grocery shopping and toilet cleaning) It is however way worth it!! August seems to be pretty mild for us, we have plans to go out to my mom and dads for Labor Day weekend, I can not wait to see their new home. And nothing else from that point until Revival at home. Maybe we will throw in a tiny family vaca in between it all!!

To say the least we are very blessed with a large and loving family. And although we don't get to see one another as often as we like, we definitely appreciate our time together. Well that was a rambling mess!! Happy Blogging!!


Doug, Laurie, and Trey DeEsch

Hey- I'm the neighbor WAYYY up the street and around the corner! :) I'm so excited you guys can make it! See you this weekend!

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