Monday, June 28, 2010

Three Months....and more!!

Tomorrow will be Lena Belle's three month "birthday". I can not believe how big my baby girl is getting. She's never really been what I would consider "baby, baby". My child has to be entertained, she will only sit straight up and down, leaning back is out of the picture, wants to be able to see the tv, jibber jabbers constantly, and tonight added blowing her tongue to her fabulous resume. Needless to say she is one amazing handful. I mean at 3 months she can already sit her self up in your lap, it's ridiculous how well developed my baby girl is, and I couldn't be more proud, and sad at the same time of how quickly she is learning and growing. I swear once she gets full control fo those legs and hands she's going to take off and never look back.

I am truly cherishing this stage of her life. There's nothing more satisfying and rewarding then walking into the room and your little one lighting up with joy to see you, or the fact that they can be fussy and crying when everyone else is holding them, but somehow the second momma gets hold of them life is just better. I know this stage is going to fly by, so I want to truly bask in it and just enjoy it.

On another note, this was one of the busiest and most productive weekends we've endured since Lena made her arrival. As mentioned in the previous post Josh's mom, nana, and poppy came out this past weekend and Josh and his Poppy were able to get our new hardwood floors down. They look amazing. I will post before and after in a later post. It's amazing what a new floor can do for your home. Not that I didn't already love my home, but now I feel like I never want to leave my living room.

This past weekend was also mine and Josh's one year anniversary. Can you believe it's been a year already?? Ok skip that...Can you believe it's ONLY been a year!! LoL...I won't even attempt to list everything that has happened sice we said "I Do", but I will say that I wouldn't have done it any other way. I absolutely love this life, and I know you are all sick of me saying it, but it's true. I live an absolutely blessed life and try to give thanks for it each and every day! For our anniversary Josh took me to Uptown (center of Charlotte) where he had made reservations at McCormick and Schmitts for dinner. It's a wonderful seafood restaurant where I enjoyed some yummy Lobster Ravioli in a white wine sauce and snow crab meat. I think I ate it in about 2 minutes it was that delicious. He suprised me in the car before we left with some beautiful diamond studs, he thought I might want to wear them out that night!! :0) I have to say I was HIGHLY impressed, and suddenly forgot everything that he had ever done wrong. SOOO gentlemen you can't go wrong with Diamonds, and Hardwood- floors that is!!

It's been a wonderful visit with Josh's family. We got some pool time in, and some nice shopping done. I will have to brag about my amazing bargains I found at HomeGoods this weekend in another post, along with pictures of our amazing accomplishments! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend as well!! Happy Blogging to all!!


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