Saturday, June 19, 2010

Even though...

So even though I've been in utter and complete pain, we have still had a great weekend thus far. Luckily I went Wednesday afternoon and got Josh hisd gift and card for father's day. Whew, he would have been completely disappointed had I not been able to get him something!! It's nothing big, but it is something I am sure he will enjoy and use!! (Men are so hard to buy for, let's not even mention that next weekend is my anniversary and I am at a complete loss on what to buy him, any suggestions??)

I spent my afternoon yesterday laying inside on a chair, and even mixed it up a bit by laying outside on a chair!! I was able to get a small bit of sun and the beautiful day helped put me in a great mood, which the hubby appreciated. Poor Josh has been stuck doing all the cleaning, cooking, and tending to a needy 3 month old. As harsh as this may sound it's been kind of nice watching him struggle. Sometimes I don't think he understands all that I do and how utterly exhausting it can be.

On another note I can definitely tell that I am starting to lose inches in my waist. Josh even made a comment yesterday when I came in from laying out that my waist looked tiny- and boy did that make my day. I've not been making any large drastic change in my diet or daily routine. Instead of my usual bowl of cinnamon toast cruch and a coke for breakfast (healthy I know) I have had 2 hardboiled eggs and a glass of milk. Lunch has been invested in a lean pocket-mainly because I think they are really yummy, not because of the health content, and dinner has been a homemade meal consisting of veggies, baked meats, and a vitamin. So my sacrafice in the food department has been the bare minimum. I am doing situps, leg workouts, and stuff for these nice love handles first thing in the mornings (well before I hurt my back). I have discovered that if I don't do them as soon as I get up, I will get lazy and not do them at I figure if I start my day off right it's easier for me to keep the positive pace!!

I'll keep you updated on my progress. Again, I'm not interested in the scale and the "weight". I simply want to look at myself and be proud of what I see, and slowly but surely I am getting there!!

So happy blogging world!! Have an amazing Father's Day weekend- we are off to the pool!


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