Monday, June 7, 2010

Today, we breathe!!

First let me start by saying sorry! Life has kind of happened over the last couple of weeks, and hasn't left me with much time to blog. Since we last "chatted" Lena Belle has turned 2 months, taken her first road trip, made a ton of new friends, and we have quite possibly gone through one of the most stressful and horrifying times in our life!!

I'll start with the bad. A few weeks ago, while nursing, I discovered what I believed to be a rather large lump in my breast. **Gasp** I brought it up at my next doctor's appointment, and she decided it was best to go ahead and schedule an ultrasound, just to rule out anything scary. I had my ultrasound the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. After the radiologist came in and looked at the mass his first word was "tumor". I'm pretty sure that at that moment my stomach dropped to the floor. He began talking, but I was so focused on my horror and fear, that I really couldn't hear or comprehend much of what he was saying. After I was able to calm down and get the tear to quit flowing I was able to focus more on what was going on. He was pretty sure that the tumor was benign, but I was going to need a biopsy to be for certain. Since we had plans to go out of town the week of Memorial Day, I scheduled it for the Monday morning after. (I was assured by the doctor there was no need to rush and to go enjoy my week with my family) So, I had the biopsy this morning. Dr. Gerdes seemed to be pretty convinced that it's a Lactating Adenoma-basically just a big ole collection of milk. (sp), but I won't know for sure for another day or two!!

So there's the scary!! Here's the little baby girl is growing up waay to fast!! Already at two months she has such a big personality. Anyone that has spent any time with her can back me up on this. She's such a little busy body. She absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVES to be talked to and entertained. She just smiles and coos back!! I have also never in my life met a little one who loved to have their diaper changed. I kid you not, the second she's on that table...she's a talking and giggling. Almost as if to say "wait until you see what's in there this time". One thing is for sure, she is the absolute center of my world. I love her so much that it hurts...literally. My heart aches because she's growing up into this amazing tiny little person, but I know it would ache even more if she didn't.

Part of this growing up adventure was her first big road trip. We just had to take Lena Belle home while she was still "little". As exciting as our week was, I have never been so excited to get home. 1. because we were utterly and completely EXHAUSTED and 2. Man did I miss my bed!! I think Lena really enjoyed meeting everyone, but after being handled like a little rag doll for a week, she was soo tired.

So I guess that about sums up life lately. There are more pictures, and detailed stories that can be shared at another time. Right now I am just counting my blessings and giving thanks!! Happy Blogging World!!


The Alexander Family of 4!

Glad that everything turned out okay...I knew it would! I had so much fun getting to spend sometime with you and meeting little precious Lena! We are looking forward to coming down sometime in July (I will give a heads up of a more specific time when we figure out what the heck we are doing!). We are having a BLAST in Cincinnati. Gavin says it is his favorite place! :p

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