Thursday, June 17, 2010

Really?? Something Else? CMON!!

Ok, so today's events proved large and important enough to blog about them. Allow me to add another chapter to my "dramatic novel":

This afternoon, after spending a pajama wonderfully lazy morning with my baby, I decided it was time for Lena and I to do something with ourselves. Once upstairs I changed her diaper, had an in depth conversation with her about poo, and went to lay her in her crib. Here's where the scary excitement begins. While bent over, and near the mattress to her crib I suddenly felt an odd sensation shoot up my back, and BAM....I hit the floor. My legs had completely collapsed under me. (Side not: Lena is fine and landed safely in her crib.) I took a moment to assess what had just happened and quickly noticed a horrific pain in my lower back, I could not move. I tried for about 20 minutes to get myself rolled over into a comfortable position and quickly came to terms with the fact I was going to have to find a way to get mobile. You see, I had left my phone downstairs on the kitchen counter and was stranded, with a baby that would soon be screaming. I was able to reach up around Lena's crib and turn on a toy mom had gotten her last time she was in. It was able to keep her pleased for about 10-15 minutes, long enough for me to cry, scream, pray, and come up with a plan. After another 15 minutes or so I pulled myself together and was able to get into a position to crawl.

As soon as I was about to get out of Lena's room the crying began. Note, she was fed, changed, and should other wise be happy, and I am sure she was just tired and wanting to be held. So now the dilemma was to either keep moving forward to the stairs to get my phone, or turn and go back to check on Lena. I chose the first, simply because there was nothing I could do for Lena. I had no bottle, and was not able to stand, and even if I could there was NO WAY I would ever risk picking her up and dropping her because of another fall. So my journey continued onward. Tears streamed down my face because I felt so unbelievably helpless and hated not being able to to care for my baby girl.

I finally made it down the stairs, and how I did, I will never know. I crawled to the kitchen where I reached for my phone on the counter and quickly called answer. I remembered a bottle I had made for Lena before going upstairs and thank goodness she hadn't been to interested in it. I crawled to the table where I grabbed it, and began my long journey back up the stairs. After about two crawls up the staircase I was in utter pain and had to take a moment. I finally got in touch with Josh, who no doubt thought I was dieing because of my crying and hysterics. After talking to him and letting him know what was going on and he reassuring me he'd be there shortly, I continued up the stairs. This time though I was using the railing to hoist myself up, trying to keep as much pressure and weight off my back as possible. Another 5-10 minutes went by and I was at Lena's side with a bottle stuck through the crib just too her mouth. It calmed her for a minute, but I knew she just wanted to be held and rocked, something I could not do for her.

During this time I had called my mom, simply because I needed someone to talk to me and help calm me. Her suggestion was to call the ambulance, no matter when Josh got there, there was no way he could get me to the car, and I didn't have the strength to crawl back down. Remember, Lena and I had enjoyed a lazy morning...meaning I was still in my tank top and shorts pajama set, with no bra, makeup still on from the day before, and chlorine filled hair from the pool that evening, embarrassing and unattractive. But I called anyways. Shortly after Theresa and her daughters showed up to my rescue. Josh had called Allen (a gentleman he works with) and he got a hold of his wife and daughters and explained the situation. They quickly tended to Lena and got her calmed down, which also really helped my nerves out. Josh soon followed, and then the paramedics.

They got me down the stairs and into the ambulance to the ER. Here I found out that I had slipped a disc, causing a ton of pain and swelling, and complete shock and fear! So now, only days after being unable to pick up my baby due to a biopsy, I am now layed up in bed because of these crazy stretched out ligaments after giving birth. My sanity is riding on the hope that nothing else goes on in my life!! Thank the good Lord that nothing has turned out to be too serious and has all been manageable. It can always be worse.

I did learn a valueable lesson today though: ALWAYS shower and clean your home the second you wake never know what could happen!! ;0)



Thankful your ok! You scared me too death. Never felt so helpless. Love You!

Ashley Belle couldn't have been anymore terrified then I was laying in the floor, unable to get to Lena, and relatively sure that my legs were never going to work again!! Sorry for worrying you though!!


Well at least your blogs are never dull! So sorry about all the stuff happening. Love the end about always shower and clean early in the morn lol. I so need to get into that habit, Sadly I still stay in my pjs till at least lunch :)

Ashley Belle

LoL, I wouldn't mind them being less exciting these days!! And you have NO IDEA what I looked like when the paramedics showed up. I'm talking this tiny low cut tank top and shorts pajamas with no bra, and I just had a baby!! LoL not to mention the hair that hadn't seen a brush, left over makeup, and what I am sure was day old garlic breath...completely unpleasant. Did I mention the 2 men paramedics had to carry me down the stairs in this little chair thing!! LoL...not cute!!

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