Friday, June 11, 2010

Is it ok to scream now??

Ms. Lena Belle is already 2 months a couple of weeks. Whoa, where does that time go. But, this also means that I am 2 months postpartum and to be honest am disguested with myself. I absolutely HATE HATE HATE my body. To be fair, I am just now in a position where it's ok to work out. After my six week checkup we were out of town for a week, then came back, had the stress of the biopsy, and my mom has been out here the past week. Sooo, with that being said. I had a check up at my Doctor's office yesterday and after weigh in I realized that I still had 15 plus pounds to lose!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! (It feels more like 100) I don't plan on trying to get back down to my "pre preggo" weight. I had just gotten married and lost a bunch of unnecessary weight to fit into my wedding dress, that had miraculously shrunk!! Weird...I know!!

Even more so than the weight, the stretch marks! I have this horrid looking road map located from my love handles down to my thighs. And trust me, no one wants directions around my booty these days! I know my frustrations are normal, self centered, and ridiculous. But it's bikini season ladies and gentlemen, and mommy just bought a one piece with a skirt!! AHHHHHHHH again!! So next week will hopefully begin a regular workout routine. I've considered buying WII fit, just because I think I need something that I will enjoy and not dread. I have P90x, but my child needs me to be around a little while longer, and I feel that this will only prevoke a cardiac arrest!! Maybe I'll just do the yoga and abs section!!?? Any suggestions on what worked for you to get off your unwanted baby weight!!?? Please don't tell me to cut out baby also needs my sanity!! ;0)


The Alexander Family of 4!

Honey it took you nine months to put on that weight and it will take you that much longer to lose it. Trust me, at around 7 months the weight begins to fall off by itself. You look gorgeous. I know how you feel (I went through this emotional roller coaster twice). As far as the excercise, I LOVE Zumba. We have a small workout session for an hour three days a week at the middle school (I don't go all three days). I know you can order the dvds online and I am pretty sure you would love it just as much!

Doug, Laurie, and Trey DeEsch

I know EXACTLY how you feel- and you cannot beat yourself up about ANY of the weight. You JUST had a baby, and I'm sure there will be more one day, so it is far more important to be healthy than it is to be wedding dress skinny :). Ok (all of that is true, and had to be said), but I highly recommend Lake Norman Stroller Fit. It will kick your tail, and you get to do it with Lena by your side, and other moms in the exact same position as you! :) And- on the stretch marks note, these too will fade.

Ashley Belle

I know I know I know!! And I am completely intrigued...what is Lake Norman Stroller Fit!!??

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