Monday, August 2, 2010

95th Percentile!!!

That's exactly what little Lena measured in at today at her four month check up! Besides being almost 26 inches long, she's in the 75th percentile for weight and that noggin of hers! The girl is growing like a weed! The doctor did inform me today that it's time for me to try and let Lena soothe herself at night. She's still waking up a couple of times at night and wants to feed, and it's now my responsibilty to wing her off!! **sigh** Why couldn't she have just been one of those babies that miraculously slept through the night! I HATE HATE HATE to let her cry. There have been several times I've pulled the car over with her throwing a fit, just to get her out and hold her to calm her down! Yes ladies and gents I am a First Time Mommy....FO SHO!!!

We've already tried rice a couple of times, and to no avail she HATED it! So I'm giving her time before trying it again. I don't want to force it down her throat, and we have plenty of time to get it right. Maybe this will also help with her sleeping issue. I know I can sleep pretty darn good on a full belly! I'll let you know how the whole "soothe it out" aka "cry, scream, kick, and wail" thing goes!!

At four months Lena has really taken on a unique personality! She never did act like a newborn. She could hold her head up, smile, and coo from the get go. She also never liked to really be snuggled. She wants to be sat up and turned around where she can see everything. This has not changed, however, the smiles have turned into belly laughs, holding her head up has leaned into rolling halfway over, cooing has become screaching and yelling, and sitting up has led to plenty of time spent in the bouncer and walker to give mommy's arms a rest!

She's such a unique and wonderful little life already! I got tickled today at her laughing and talking to the doctor....almost as if to say hush mom, you don't know squat. I look forward to every tiny milestone that sets these short stages of life apart- like the fact that she is bound and determined to hold her bottle on her own. She's almost there! She holds it up, until something catches her eye and her head turns! She's too funny!


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