Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Holiday Fever

So I can just feel the tug beginning for the holiday's!! I absolutely love Sept-Dec. It's pretty ridiculous how much Josh and I get into the Holiday scene. I will admit, I already have my dining table decorated for the fall, and my fall hand towels out. Pretty sure I will be putting out the door hanger and yard stake this weekend. I've even got a pumpkin yankee candle car scent in my van, and pumpkin spice candles warming the inside of my home. Yes, I have a problem.

Last year Josh and I were the first in our neighborhood to put up Christmas lights, and I am pretty sure we've decided to go ahead and put them, and our tree up shortly after Halloween! I HATE doing all that work decorating after Thanksgiving, and having to take it down a month later. I want to enjoy it. Plus we may be doing a Thanksgiving dinner this year, and I'd love for the family to get to see my tree and all that fun stuff!!

It's sad, I know! I've even nearly completed my Christmas shopping already. I tend to just buy when I see something people would love, at a good deal. Trust me, I am the QUEEN of bargains. Ask me about the 7 new shirts I purchased last week for 35 buckaroos! I like my money to go a loooong way, and those of you that know me, know I could absolutely care less about the name on the shirt, as long as it fits, and looks cute!! :0) Lucky for me, I have a pretty thrifty husband as well (ie the fence he put up, and the hardwood floors he layed that cost over 50 percent less then if we'd had them done)

So, I have skimmed off subject....I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!! Lena already has the cutest assortment of outfits for each occasion. I have made sure she will have a different Christmas outfit for every day we will be home. Fall also brings revival at my home church, which we will be going home for this year. Even though this is SOOOOO not the point, she also has some pretty cute stuff for that too. Yup, she's my own personally little doll full of cuteness and I just love showing her off!! **sigh** I think she's the reason I am soo ridiculously excited this year also.

Anyways, this has just been a crazy ramble, I just wanted to write a tid bit while I had her down for her afternoon nap! HOpefully the builders next door will hold off on the noise so she can get some good sleep in!! :0)


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