Friday, August 20, 2010

Teething Update!!

So Lena has been much more her normal self lately! WHEW! I have actually soptted a few little toothers starting to poke through her bottom gums! I was right, we are teething several at once! Josh made the comment the other day of how different she is going to look with teeth. I assured him she would still be gorgeous... ;0)!!

We have also, wel almost, conquered bed time! Praise Jesus!! We are still doing the bath and sleepy time movie from about 7-730, only it is really starting to work like a charm. Don't get me wrong she still fights it, but i just hold and rock. There is absolutely no eye contact, or interaction. I want her to see that around this time every night, nothing exciting is going on, mommy and daddy are a total bore!! (now we know the difference, but shhhhh!!!!) I also tried laying one of her softer blankets down in her crib and voila right to sleep! She did wake up a little bit later, but we decided to try my laptop propped up around her crib with her video and she was OUT. Criticize me fi you will for allowing my child to watch "tv" in bed, but it works and we are ALL much happier these days!! Plus she's not watching cartoons or anything, but baby einstein or Mozart and Friends, plus its not too long before she's out again!

She will sleep for about 4-5 hours then she's up to eat. I let her have this bottle. With her being over 15 lbs now she should be eating about 6-7 ounces a feeding easily. However, I have a snacker. She will eat 4 ounces here, 2 there, I think this is spun from the fact that she was breast fed in the beginning, which means on demand. She is still ending up in our room for a few hours of the night, but now Josh has started getting up, changing, and feeding her before getting ready for work. He then lays her down in her crib where today she slept from 5:30-8:30! I would consider this all progress!

It's a slow and steady pace, but we are getting there! I have high hopes for the next couple of weeks, that is if we don't break through any more teeth for a bit. Did I mention she's really becoming a pro at this bottle holding thing? For the last month or so I haven't just "given" her anything, I've had her reach and grab for it all. I also started letting go of the bottle when her hands were on it to encourage her to hold on! I don't know if it's my efforts, or just her growing mind, but she's really getting the hang of it! The best part is when we give her a sippy with her meals. She loves to pick it up and put it in her water is her favorite!

I'd love to post some pics of these amazing milestones we are crossing, but I have misplaced my usb cord. Hopefully I will find it while I clean my neglected house today!! Hope you all have an AMAZING and blessed weekend!! Happy Blogging!!!


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