Thursday, August 19, 2010

Women in the Church....

So, a young woman that I went to highschool with has opened up a "debate" on facebook about women in church. I put the word debate in parenthesis simply because she has deleted every comment that has disagreed with her opinion. (don't post things you don't want others to have an opinion I right??) Anyways, I wanted to open this up on here! I'm very curious to see how everyone else feels about it.

Her point : 1 Timothy 2:12 : But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.
Therefore it is not the place of a woman to be in a position of leadership over a man, especially in a position such as a pastor.

She has taken the text literally and believes that simply...women should not hold any leadership, or teaching position over man.

My point: That's a fine belief and yes the bible states that, but it is also written in Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17-18 that women being called to preach is prophecy fulfillment that Jesus' return is upon us.

Note: I was not in any way arguing the bibles teaching, but simply suggesting that for one to "preach and speak" the word of God one must have and ENTIRE understanding of the bible. You can't just simply spit out your favorite quotes. This is my process of thinking.

Women were meant to be subjects in the church at the beginning, but to say that a woman in the spirit now is "ungodly" would be blasphemy. It was also mentioned in the bible that women should not pray in church..?? Can the bible be taken literally word for word? I've heard that the bible is not a textbook, but a handbook. It's a resource for your life. I'm curious to see your thoughts/opinions on this topic, because I don't know.

I believe that the bible is most certaintly the word of God, but I also realize that man has had a say in the bible. And man isnot without corruption or sin. I believe simply that you HAVE to be saved to get into heaven, that prayer can move mountains, and that when I am wrong I feel this little knock on my heart steering me in the right direction. You see, I grew up in a feeling way- I am most certaintly an old time Christian. We shout, we sing, we praise. We were not taught that you have to open your bible to find God, but that if you are saved He can be felt in your heart. It's a feeling you can't describe, one that will never leave you, and a promise to a mansion. I pray that everyone would find this promise, this feeling of perfection. So if that means that I get down and pray on the alter with a man twice my age in hopes that he gets into Heaven someday, then I will do it. OR if it means that I am to be a testimony to a gentlemen one day that has no idea who Jesus is, then I will do it. If God commands it, how can it be wrong??

What's your thought??


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