Thursday, August 12, 2010

Marriage, love, and Same Sex....

So I decided, after much consideration, to open up this area of conversation on my blog. Many blogs that I follow are christian based, good people, that in my opinion are probably registered Republicans. No judgement here, I define myself as a Republican also. But as a Republican I still deeply believe in equality and the right for the gay community to marry. Let's talk about this!

If you are so against Gay marriage allow me to start by saying why? If your answer is because the bible says it's wrong, then allow me to ask if you have ever committed a sin in your life. (for the record I don't believe that being Gay is in any way shape or form a sin.) I didn't think so. I hear the argument daily that we must keep the SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE. BAHAHAHA 50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second and 74% of third marriages end in divorce, according to Jennifer Baker of the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Missouri. So if marriage is deemed to be so sacred, why is it so easy to get out of??

Here's my opinion. Legalize Gay marriage, but do away annulments, and make divorce harder to achieve. Let's also make over night marriages impossible to obtain. In order to get married you should have dated and taken time to get to know one another and have no doubts...maybe provide marriage counseling. I know it's a crazy suggestion, and many are saying, but if you believe that we can't be told who to love should the govt. be allowed to tell us when we can get married. My answer is, probably not, but if youa re really and TRULY in love, you can wait a bit longer. This inevitably help with our ridiculous divorce rate, simply because those that would have ended in divorce anyways probably won't end up going down the isle.

To me marriage is a promise to your love in front of God that you will always love and be with them....for better or for worse. So if two Gay human beings are in love and want to express that love by marrying one another, I say BRAVA!!! In a country where we allow people to get married for green cards, money, and out of sheer stupidity and intoxication, I am still trying to figure out why being Gay puts such a stigma on your sanctity of marriage!! Please, enlighten me!!!



Well said Ashley and I agree 100%!! Now my family would die to read that but oh well....I am what I am! =)

Ashley Belle

Wheew....glad I'm not alone! I debated and debated opening up this topic, but it is my journal, that's what's going on in today's hey, why not!! Don't worry, I think kpart of my familiy would kill over if they saw that!! :0) But the truth is it's not wrong or sinful to be gay! And most that say that it's in the bible, can't even begin to reference it for you, they just simply repeat what they've heard!! I think God loves us all and made us each so unique to test our love and understanding!!


Girl, I think there are alot of things they can't actually find a scripture for in the bible, they just repeat what they've been told their whole life. Don't even get me started on how I feel about other races. I believe the same God that made and loves me, made us all and loves us all. I struggle with my views on alot of things because they are so different from the rest of my family but thankfully I have a husband (that was saved at your home church as a teenager) that has convinced me that I'm not "bad" like I've been told I am. :)

Glad I checked back on this post. I had checked periodically to see if anyone else from "home" had posted anything and was glad to see your reply.

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