Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Last night was the most exhausting night I have had with Lena since she was born. Even then I was simply exhausted because my body was working double time in an effort to recover. THe poor things was up all morning, afternoon, evening, and night yesterday just screaming. She absolutely did not want to nap, and when she did they only lasted a few minutes. When bed time came it was like pulling teeth. I got her rocked and asleep and JOsh quickly got her put in her crib, but no more than an hour later she was up screaming and crying. We'd get her back to sleep and the pattern would repeat. I finally kicked JOsh out of the bed and layed her with me, in hopes that she was just simply being spoiled a clingy. NOPE! She still woke up every hour crying. NOthing would satisfy her. Not rocking, bottle, singing...I mean NOTHING!!

By about 2:30 this morning I had joined her in the crying fits. Exhaustion had struck and I was quickly wearing down. I hate it when she cries and nothing I do seems to suffice. Josh took her from me at about 5:30, fed, changed her, and layed her back in her crib. I was able to get about another 1 1/2 of sleep out of what seemed to be an endless night!

When she woke up still unhappy this morning I decided it was time to go to the doctors. Even if they just told me she was sleepy, or colicky, atleast I could be sure that I wasn't missing something. I saw a different one than our usual, and was relieved to hear her agreement on my teething diagnosis. She even showed me exactly how to tell. I thought her gums had looked swollen the last couple of days. She also suspected some acid reflux. Something that Josh and I had both considered. ESP. since she's only fussy when it's time to lay down. As a newborn we always kept her propped up at night because of the simple reflux and gagging she had. Looks like we will be going back to that along with a new medication that I'm praying helps. I hate the thought of pain for her. I had acid reflux during my pregnancy and spent many nights propped up in a chair because of pain! I also asked what she recommended for teething. The usual list was given..oragel, teething toys, etc!! I asked her about teething tablets, because I know a ton of parents that swear by them and love the "organic" factor. She warned me against their use because they are derived from the same plant used to make opium and morphine!! WHAT!!! Needless to say, those won't be used in my house anymore!

I am considering an old "technique" if you can call it that, of using a moles foot necklace. I know several people that swear by them, including a preacher from back home. Josh thinks it's voodoo, and is seriously afraid of being struck down! LoL, me, I come from a long line of what we refer to as "witches". There have been those that can heal a burn by touching it, get rid of moles, and have a somewhat psychic ability. I believe intent is always the biggest factor. And at this point I will try anything to help my baby out!


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